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Techplus Media services go beyond plain vanilla marketing. We create and develop platforms that bring thought leaders and policy makers together for an exchange of ideas that offer recommendations for your growth using ICT as a strategic support. These are Forums that allow exchange of ideas and view required to build digitally informed and IT enabled industries. We provide speciality Reports and Research based services focused on ICT in the Education, Government, ITES and Health Verticals. Techplus media nurtures platforms that assure technology interactions for your industry, enabling conversations that will allow you to strategize and grow.


Techplus Media

Techplus Media is a 14 year old Media House headquartered in New Delhi, India. It operates two separate wings – IT (IT & Telecom) and Lifestyle.
Powered by specialized content with a vertical centric approach, we keep our smart and serious readers and technology enablers as the focus of everything we do.
Daily updating millions of active technology buyers with in-depth technical content and very specific information, we provide a valuable resource that aids them in taking informed technology implementation decisions. Our young and dynamic team relentlessly works on innovative measures that ensure active and dynamic intelligence – providing a mechanism to technology marketers to engage with the audience to derive maximum value for your marketing programs.
Techplus Media has proven itself the most trusted partner in growth for a number of organizations, and we build this trust on a foundation of knowledge & experience, over the last decade.


ITVARnews is an active online Enterprise News portal under Techplus Media House, that covers Strategy, New Products, and Technology Trends for SME, Enterprises, Technology Integrators and IT Professionals and provides round the clock news, reports, analysis and case studies of IT.

ITVARnews aims to be the two-way platform for the Technology Enablers and Technology Adapters.Read more is India’s first weekly online news channel for the IT decision makers. It is sent as email to our Subscribers of over 2,00,000 readers. It can be downloaded or streamed on any smart phone, tablet or computer. covers current news on the ICT industry, government policy decisions, international and national events, exhibitions & conventions, interviews with industry and government officials. provides information that is bound to better your business. Click Here

Health Technology Portal is a B2B Enterprise News Portal focusing on the Latest and Most Cutting - Edge Information in Healthcare ICTs and Medical Technologies. It offers a Platforms for Delivering Rich, Relevant and Updated Information on e - Health, m - Health,

IT Implementations in Government Organizations and Hospitals and Provides a platform for Technology Solution providers, Vendors and CIO’s and IT decision makers of leading Hospital’s spanning across the entire Healthcare Industry. Read more

Education Technology is a Digital Initiative that focuses on Technologies that help Enhance Education and Skills Development Sector. Today the play of Technology in the Education and Skill Development Sector is rapidly increasing – Helping enhance Skill sets through Advance Courses and Cross Skill programs.

Increasingly Robust and Relevant Technologies are enabling sustained Transformations and Efficiencies across Organizations and Institutions through agile systems that boost Learning and Skill Development. Education technology has now emerged as the biggest support for the communities of skilled resources, adding huge value to the process of Skill Development. Read more

LeadXchange Promote Collaborative Selling has a largest network of Lead Publisher and Lead Buyers generating real time data leads. For More Info Click Here

Techplus Events, the Group organizes various events in a year that includes Conferences, Knowledge Forums, Partner Leadership Awards, ISV Awards with an excellent engineering capability.

Our Integrated and easy to use Solutions can fulfill your requirements in the Fast Lane Sectors – Information Technology, Healthcare IT Summit, ISV Awards, Partner Leadership Awards (Region Wise), Partner Sabha (Region Wise).Read more

ITPV stands as a Multicity focused, Leading B2B IT Channel Magazine, that beams each day a new ray of light on IT Vendors and their Strategic Relationship with the Enterprise Community to provide the strongest Communication Platform in the area of Information Technology, updating its readers on every single Regional and National Activity.

With a Circulation figure crossing 82,014, it is the only IT B2B magazine that caters to 937 Cities in over 9 Regions in the country with dedicated Nine Regional editions covering News, Views, Reports and Analysis. Over the last decade, it has emerged as the best source of Industry information pertaining to Channel, SP and SI community.Read more

“The global Fintech software and services sector predicted to touch USD 45 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 7.1%.The Indian Fintech software market is poised to touch USD 2.4 billion by 2020 from the current USD 1.2 billion in the Financial Year (FY) 2016” say experts at PWC.”

A platform that connects the Fintech industry leaders, has the power to show you the complete iceberg! Click Here


Techplus Media organizes various events in a year that includes Conferences, Knowledge Forums, Partner Leadership Awards, ISV Awards with an excellent engineering capability.









5.5 Lacs



Mr. Sandeep Aurora

Director, Marketing and Market Development

Intel South Asia

“ITPV Partner Leadership award is a commendable initiative. I think this provides recognition and the due respect to the partners within the small sub regions. It is going to help bring out the talent in partner fraternity. The award felicitates the key players in each of the sub regions who may be unable to get recognition on an all India level. In each region or in each state there are different market dynamics compared to metro or all India level, so such an award functions plays an instrumental role in highlighting the entire IT ecosystem. I wish this initiative all the best.”

Ms. Valerie Maguire

Director of Standards & Technology


“ Health Technology IT Summit 2015 was really exciting. It allowed access to developers of the future of IT Infrastructure and the future of IT lay of the way. I think it’s really important that we have more doctors participated in the future summit, because it really raises awareness of the type of infrastructure that needs to be in place to not only support mobile data which entails digital network systems, but also new connecting technologies like hard wired local area technologies that support direct connections to devices. Education is always the key to growing and embracing future technologies. I think it is the ideal way to share information, planning and get resources to do more. ”

Mr. Manoj Chugh

President, Enterprise Business

Tech Mahindra

“ ITPV has remained to be a very informative source for all kinds of IT updates. currents affairs, new product or new trends in the Industry, I check ITPV Regional editions to remain updated, anytime. ”

Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari

Project Director

NIHFW, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

“Health Technology IT Summit 2015 was definitely a well thought out and well organized program and I am quite impressed by the galaxy of speakers that you have been able to gather here, the audience was very interactive and the sessions…yes we are running short of time or we could have more interactive sessions.”


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